​​Welcome to North Coast Local Land Services newest board member​

Local Land Services is this month welcoming a new board member to help shape the strategic direction of the organisation on the North Coast.

Tracey Stinson is an experienced non-executive director who has held a variety of board positions from health, local government, employment services, and tourism sectors.

For the past 7 years, Tracey was the Director of Sustainable Communities and Environment at Tweed Council.

Tracey has spent 30 years in executive and senior leadership roles within local government and runs a successful management consulting business specialising in executive leadership coaching, independent mediation, and stakeholder engagement.

Tracey holds qualifications in business administration, economics and dispute resolution.

The North Coast Board also welcomes the reappointment of Gary Humphreys.

North Coast Chair Bob Smith says board succession is an important part of our strategic commitment to growing Local Land Services.

“Local Land Services boards support our on-ground work focused on securing the long-term sustainability of our natural resources and agricultural industries in NSW,” said Bob.

“While we are keen to welcome Tracey and her fresh perspective to the board, and Gary’s reappointment, I also want to acknowledge the experience and commitment of our outgoing board member Patricia Walker who will finish up in February.”

“Patricia has provided invaluable input to shape our board decisions and strategic support to our frontline staff and customers and we wish her well for the future.”

Local Land Services boards are made up of a mix of ministerially appointed and elected members, with staggered terms to ensure consistent ongoing leadership is provided to the organisation.

To find out more about the role of local boards or how you can get to know your Local Land Services team, visit Our Boards page.

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