Innovative Erosion control provides habitat for mangroves and fish

The introduction of innovative and environmentally sensitive erosion control in the Emigrant Creek Estuary will see benefits to fish habitat, water quality and the protection of land for horticultural.

Local Land Services’ Natural Assets Team specially designed a unique log fillet to arrest severe erosion and it was constructed by the organisations Soil Conservation Services arm.

Shaun Morris Senior Land Services Officer with North Coast Local Land Services said,“The use of Log fillets for erosion management benefits both the landholder and the estuary.“

‘Log fillets’ are structures built in front of an eroding bank to absorb wave action and create an area of still water between the fillet and the eroding bank, encouraging the collection of sediment and providing a habitat suitable for regeneration of mangroves.

“These unique wood designs reduce wind and wave wash from boat traffic impacting the mangrove nursery. The shape also promotes the deposition of sediment behind the structure to nourish the new mangrove forest nursery”.

Shaun adds, the use of wood also provides a crucial organic surface for beneficial bacteria to live. These bacteria remove excess nutrients from the waterways.

“The structure also provides habitat for a range of aquatic life including many fish species that are sought after by recreational fishers,” Shaun said.

“In the coming months we will work with the local community to collect and place mangrove seeds into the nursery to speed up the growth of the mangrove forest,” Shaun said.

Transport NSW installed three ‘go slow’ signage buoys to help remind boat users of the need to minimise wave wash along this section of Emigrant Creek as the mangrove forest matures.

To ensure the protection of any cultural heritage artefacts, Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council was brought in during the construction of the mangrove forest nursery area.

These works form part of North Coast Local Land Services Marine Estate Management Strategy project, funded by the NSW Government and complement previous efforts of the Local Land Services in Emigrant Creek Catchment.

It is estimated that both stages of works will prevent over 870 tonnes of sediment being lost annually from unstable riverbanks within the catchment.


Media contact: Emily Findlay, North Coast Local Land Services 0419221136

Photo caption: These unique log fillet designs reduce wind and wave wash from boat traffic impacting the mangrove nursery.

Log Fillet

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