Tips from our Team Video Series

The “Tips from our Team” video series features practical advice from our Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Health teams to support local farmers and livestock industries.

Cattle and Theileria

Ian Poe, District Veterinarian explains the cattle disease Theileria and how to minimise it’s impact on your herd.

Hay vs Silage

Nathan Jennings,  Senior Land Services Officer explains the key differences between hay and silage and how to work out which provides the best value feed.

Poisonous Plants and Livestock

Phillip Kemsley, District Veterinarian explains some of the most common plants causing poisonings on the North Coast and how to manage them to reduce risks to your livestock.

Cattle and Parasites

Jocelyn Todd, District Veterinarian explains the features of integrated pest management for parasite management in your herd.

Feed Testing: Silage

Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer, on how and why to sample silage to determine it’s quality

The National Livestock Identification System

North Coast Local Land Services biosecurity officer Jessica Lock outlines the requirements when selling cattle

Preparing for Joining

Jocelyn Todd, District Veterinarian discusses tips for preparing your breeders for a successful joining period

Heat Stress in Cattle

Liz Bolin, District Veterinarian shares practical tips for North Coast beef producers on the prevention and management of heat stress in cattle.

Soil Testing

Alix Johnston, Land Services Officer, explains the importance of soil tests and how to take one

Feed Testing: Pastures

Julie Dart, Senior Land Services Officer, on how to calculate feed available for grazing in your pastures using the Median Quadrant Technique.