Land Life Podcast Series

The ‘Land Life’ podcast is designed to share knowledge and experience with North Coast Landholders to support farm productivity and healthy environments.

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Future episodes are planned for the coming months and will cover topics on sustainable agriculture, biosecurity and animal health and welfare. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out when new podcast episodes are released.

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This project has been developed by North Coast Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

Episode 1: Preparing Your Animals For The Fire Season - Learn how to prepare your farm and farm animals for the bushfire season, including things to look out for in fire impacted livestock.

Episode 2: Managing Wild Dogs - Senior Biosecurity Officers Mick Elliot and Tiffany Felton take you through all things wild dogs, including details on measures you can take to protect livestock and pets, and how to be proactive in managing wild dog impacts.

Episode 3: Diagnosing Vibriosis In Your Cattle - District Vet Phil Kemsley talks you through the cattle reproductive disease, Vibriosis – what to look for, how it’s diagnosed and treated, and where to get more info.

Episode 4: Holistic Decision Making For Rural Women -  Land Life host Mindy Greenwood learns about holistic decision making – what it is, why we need it in our lives, and how North Coast rural women are getting support to develop this important skill.