Local Strategic Plan

The Local Land Services Act 2013 requires the development of regional strategies to inform the deployment of local land services through resources and creation of partnerships across the regions.

The Murray Local Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021 sets the vision, priorities and strategy for the delivery of local land services in the region, with a focus on appropriate economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Local Land Services consulted with landholders, customers and the community to develop 11 regional strategic plans. These were adopted in the first half of 2016 for the period from 2016 to 2021.

Murray Local Strategic Plan 2016-21

The Murray Local Strategic Plan (LSP) is a 5 year strategic plan that was prepared by Murray Local Land Services. The LSP helps to identify strategic programs to improve the health, productivity and resilience of the landscape and its communities.

The development of the plan followed extensive engagement with the Murray regional community, stakeholders and partners.

Download the Murray Local Strategic Plan (pdf - 2.4MB).

Our goals

Local Land Services will pursue four goals to achieve its vision of resilient communities in productive, healthy landscapes:

  1. Resilient, self-reliant and prepared local communities
  2. Biosecure, profitable, productive and sustainable primary industries
  3. Healthy diverse and connected natural environments
  4. Board members and staff who are collaborative, innovative and commercially focused

NSW Biosecurity Strategy

The NSW Biosecurity Strategy sets the overall direction for the management of animal and plant pests, diseases and weeds in NSW terrestrial and aquatic environments. It is based on the principle that biosecurity is a shared responsibility.

The NSW Biosecurity Strategy aims to expand on the existing 2007 NSW Department of Primary Industries Biosecurity Strategy to address not only primary industries, but the broader biosecurity spectrum in terms of biodiversity and the natural environment, infrastructure and service industries as well as lifestyle, recreation, sport and social amenity. It also outlines how the NSW government will partner with other levels of government, industry and the community to identify and manage biosecurity risks.

The Murray Local Strategic Plan has been developed in line with the direction of this document.

NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy

The NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy has been developed by Biosecurity NSW to improve the management of wild dogs in NSW. In particular it aims to minimise the negative impacts of wild dogs on primary production, the environment and the wider community by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of land managers and other community members in managing wild dogs.

The strategy was developed by Biosecurity NSW with input from the Wild Dog Working Group (WDWG) a working group of the NSW Pest Animal Council. The WDWG includes wild dog-affected landholders and representatives of NSW Farmers' Association, Department of Primary Industries, Livestock Health and Pest Authorities, Office of Environment and Heritage, and Forestry Corporation of NSW.

The Murray Local Strategic Plan has been developed in line with the direction of this document.

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