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Tara Pitman, Regional Weeds CoordinatorPRODUCTION ADVICE - DECEMBER 2021 - INVASIVE SPECIES

By Tara Pitman
Regional Weeds Coordinator

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Purple, star-shaped silverleaf nightshadeSilverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium), also known as silverleaf nettle, has a distinctive purple star-shaped flower, silvery-green leaves and brown spiky thorns up the stem. It is common in dryland cropping areas and along roadsides.

A single silverleaf nightshade plant can produce over 1000 seeds in one season! They’re commonly spread via contaminated hay and grain, contaminated oil, dumped garden waste and animal droppings.

It's important to control this weed as its ripe fruit can potentially poison livestock when ingested. The weed can also:

  • halve summer crop yields through direct competition
  • reduce winter crop yields by depleting soil moisture
  • invade pastures and reduce flora growth of flora.

Silverleaf nightshade can easily confused with other species of nightshade. To find out more, click here.

If you have seen this plant, please contact your local council weed officer.

For animal health enquiries, please call 1300 795 299 to speak to one of our district vets.

Video: Priority Weeds of the Murray & Riverina - Silverleaf nightshade:

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