Hunter Travelling Stock Reserves

Longterm Grazing Permits

Current grazing arrangements are now in place until 31 December 2020 for many Hunter Local Land Services Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs), following an expression of interest process undertaken in 2015.

Long term grazing permits are still available on a range of TSRs through an open public expression of interest process. Long term grazing permits are only available on reserves previously under lease, and will be available until 31 December 2020.

To apply, applicants must first read the terms, conditions and requirements detailed in Parts A and B below prior to submitting their completed application form (Part C).

A full list of the locations of available TSRs can be found in Part D.

PART A – Information about this EOI (PDF)

PART B – Statement of requirements (PDF)

PART C – Response form (DOCX)

PART D - Location of available TSRs in the Hunter (PDF)

Location of available TSRs in the Hunter (permits available until December 2020):



4.3haMuswellbrookYarrawa Rd, Yarrawa


14.8haMuswellbrookRidgelands Rd, Manobalai

Wingen Big

51.9haUpper HunterWhites Rd, Murulla

Bottom Terragong

60haUpper HunterWillow Tree Rd, Merriwa
Owens Gap Tank94.6haUpper HunterGibbergunyah Rd, Ownes Gap
Prices Main104.4haSingletonMaison Dieu Rd, Maison Dieu

Applications with the highest, or any price, may not necessarily be accepted.

For further information contact your local Hunter Local Land Services office or call 1300 795 299.