Every Bit Counts!

Small landholders have big responsibilities too!
We know every landholder, no matter the size of their property, is passionate about looking after their piece of the landscape puzzle. That’s why Local Land Services has developed the new Every Bit Counts program to help small acre landholders manage the risks and rewards of rural land ownership.
The project is working directly with landholders on the North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and South East regions.
From caring for backyard chickens and being aware of farm safety to managing weeds and water, Every Bit Counts has the right tools to help you understand the environmental, production and biosecurity considerations of rural land management.
Every Bit Counts Project Coordinator Jane Lloyd-Jones said the four-year program is all about connecting people with their local networks and building their land management knowledge and skills.
“Small farm managers and lifestyle block owners play an important role in our landscape and the rural community,” Jane said.
“Our experience is that many want to support their neighbours, environment and local farming industry, but don’t know where to start.
“Through funding from the NSW Environmental Trust we have been able to support on-ground extension officers and build this online education portal that will help connect the more than 130,000 small landholders with properties from 2-20 hectares across our state.”
The Every Bit Counts education portal can be found at www.lls.nsw.gov.au/ebc and contains resources full of tips and tricks for managing smaller pieces of the landscape puzzle.
Jane is encouraging small farm managers and ‘lifestyle’ landholders to visit the site and sign up to the ‘Blockies Bootcamp’ – a free email education series designed to cover the fundamentals of rural land management.
“The web portal explains the common questions and topics our staff get asked, covering everything from weeds to pest animals, to habitat, fencing and working with neighbours,” Jane said.
“You can also look up your local small farm network and connect with other like-minded land managers.
“If you are interested in learning more, visit the site, look up your local program officer and sign up to the bootcamp.”
To find out more visit www.lls.nsw.gov.au/ebc

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