Regenerative Ag farming - let's talk about it

Want to find out how healthy ecosystems on the farm translate to healthy pastures, healthy animals and healthy agricultural businesses?

It’s not too late to register to attend Hunter Local Land Services Regional Regenerative Ag Farming Forum on 22 June at Tocal Agricultural College. This free event is bringing together some big names in regenerative agriculture, to help local producers re-think the way they are managing their properties – and look for opportunities to enhance natural resources on their farms.

Find out how other farmers use good management of natural ecosystems to increase rainfall effectiveness, improve soil structure and mitigate drought impacts.

Simple ideas such as increasing pasture diversity, improving organic litter and matter for soil biota activity and expanding tree canopy cover could help you too!

The event is being hosted by well-known Tasmanian novelist and self-described ‘agriculture activist’ Rachael Treasure.

“I have every confidence the participants of the Regenerative Farming Forum will come away with a new, brighter vision for their future in agriculture,” said Rachael.

“Since attending a drought information day in 2009 in Tasmania and hearing about regenerative agriculture from farmer Colin Seis I've been on the most exciting uplifting journey ever since, and I can't wait to share what I've discovered and put into practice so that my life and land sings.”

Colin Seis is a holistic sheep farmer from Gulgong, who is keen on regenerative pasture cropping, encouraging native grass species suited to drought conditions and improving soil structure.

Sheep and cattle producers Tim Wright and David Marsh will also share how they embraced change on their farms after devastating droughts.

There will also be local success stories from Hunter producers on how improving management practices can help regenerate your farm.

More than 90 people have already registered to attend this major regional event. Free buses are also running to and from Gloucester, Scone and Taree to the college.

Details: Friday 22 June 9:30am-3:45pm, The Great Hall, Tocal Agricultural College

For further information and to RSVP contact:

Scone: Adam Bush: 65402415

Manning Great Lakes: Geoff LeMessurier: 65518994 ext247

Lower Hunter: Eva Twarkowski49384930

Please book your place online via:

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