NRM Partnership Grants 2022-23

Hunter Local Land Services is supporting public land managers and Local Aboriginal Land Councils in the Hunter region to implement Australian Government priorities in Natural Resource Management.

The NRM Partnership grants support organisations to restore and protect important habitats, including areas impacted by Black Summer Bushfires 2019-20 or associated refugia.

This is a targeted program, and competitive for all applicants. Projects ranked highest will be funded until all funds are exhausted. High ranked projects not able to be funded, may be “held” for future funding opportunities.

Grants can be implemented for up to 12 or 18 months, see Guidelines for more information.

Grant applications open: Monday, 16 January 2023, 10:00 am

Grant applications close: Monday, 20 March 2023, 6:00 pm

What projects can I seek funding for?

The grants program will support projects that provide some or all of these activities:

  • Improve habitat quality or reduce threats for target species or vegetation through on ground works*
  • Support training or educational activities
  • Engage or involve landcare groups
  • Support Aboriginal employment, on the job mentoring or training programs
  • Fire management (ecological, Cultural or asset protection)
  • Planning (including associated flora or fauna surveys, Cultural Heritage assessments)

*note, all projects must have on ground works component

Who can apply

  • Local Aboriginal Land Councils
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Forestry Corporation NSW
  • Local Government
  • Crown Lands (Within the Hunter Local Land Services region only).

Documents required for application

  • Application Form
  • Budget
  • Map of project site
  • At least 2 photos
  • Public Liability (20 million)
  • WHS Plan/Policy documents.

Checklist to prepare your application

  • Identify your proposed site, and check it aligns with priority species and habitats, and priority sub catchment locations.
  • Identify your key partners and community to be involved
  • Ensure your project has an on ground activity
  • Seek budgets/estimate costs and actions
  • Draw a map of the site, and take photos of key locations to be managed in the project (before photos)
  • Discuss your proposal with Local Land Services staff
  • Prepare your application form, and ensure you allow sufficient time to review with others
  • Submit your application to or Private Bag 2010, Paterson NSW 2421.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be within priority areas and for priority species/habitats or vegetation
  • Public land managers and Local Aboriginal Land Councils eligible only
  • Must implement eligible activities only
  • All projects must include an on ground work component
  • Must include maintenance activities (no minimum)
  • Must include in kind /cash contributions (no minimum).

Assessment criteria

  • Applicant must have met all eligibility requirements
  • Projects benefit broader community, including Aboriginal employment or capacity building, or engagement or involvement with community, such as Landcare
  • Conservation benefits-activities will support important or threatened vegetation or native fauna to the Hunter region and align to recovery plans, or other technical advice or plans
  • Value for money- such as in kind, cash or other contributions
  • Risk management-demonstrate risk management and ensure project success
  • Maintenance- proposed maintenance activities and duration is appropriate.

More information

Main contact for application submissions support: Abbey Henry - Main contact for application submissions Support 0487 560 109

Technical advice/confirm priority species/listed vegetation-Mid Coast/Manning Great Lakes:Rye Gollan 0468 325 125 Or Whitney Ridgeway (LALCs) 0427 012 648

Lower Hunter: Eva Twarkowski 0437 056 978 or Toby Whaleboat (LALCs) 0429 303 765

Upper Hunter: Catherine Conroy 0427 578 937 or Allison Warry (LALCs) 0437 008 259

Supporting documentation

NRM partnership grant guidelines 2022-23 PDF, 397.58 KB

NRM Partnerships 2022 Budget Worksheet

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