Farm Makeover Incentive Program

Farm Makeover Incentive Program

Funding for this program has been fully allocated. You can complete this Expression of Interest (EOI) form, as there may be other suitable funding available. Thank you.

Hunter Local Land Services is supporting land managers to take the first step towards building drought resilience on their farms. The Agricultural Extension team is delivering a Farm Makeover Incentive Program as part of The Paddock Between the Ears Project. The aim is to show landholders through one small decision to makeover a natural resource on their farm, they can improve drought planning and farm production outcomes. Through sharing these farm makeover journeys, together we can bring a new can-do mindset to drought preparation and management in the Hunter region.

What’s it all about? Landholders can apply for Farm Makeover grants to help fund a small project or ‘doable chunk’ to improve a natural resource asset on their farm. Natural assets are native vegetation, paddock trees, grasses and bushland, dams, streams and wetlands, rocky outcrops and fallen timber. Healthy and functioning natural resource systems make a big difference to farm environments. The co-benefits provided are called ecosystem services and include shade, shelter, erosion control, water filtration and aeration just for starters, keeping water supplies cooler and cleaner, sheltering pastures and stock, and providing habitat for insects and wildlife to pollinate crops and keep pests at bay.

Why get involved? Drought resilience is a process: it’s about challenging the way we think when making decisions and planning. Resilience involves looking at the bigger environmental picture, setting goals and moving forward, sharing ideas and adapting. This is an opportunity to innovate and look to ecosystem services to improve drought planning and makeover an existing farm asset.

Farm Makeover Project ideas to improve drought planning & farm production:

  • Improve stock water quality by planting native grasses, reeds and trees on a dam
  • Ensuring your pump-hole is cleaner and lasts longer by restricting stock access
  • Start a succession plan by fencing off paddock shade trees for regeneration
  • Create and plant shelter belt habitat and drought fodder reserves
  • Rebuild a wetland to filter runoff and reduce algae in water sources
  • Design your own project that builds drought resilience in the farm landscape

How to learn more? Discover the value of ecosystem services and inspire your Farm Makeover project via The Paddock Between the Ears Program page on the Hunter LLS website! Register for a Challenge & Change fact sheet with video and website links. Discover ANU’s Sustainable Farms website for ideas, tools and resources. Visit Hunter LLS on Facebook & YouTube and follow the Farm Makeovers journeys of local farmers & set-up of EcoAction demonstration sites around the Hunter. Get ideas for your new Farm Makeover!

Where to apply? Review the program guidelines and contact Hunter LLS Ag Extension team to start your application.

For the project guidelines and to find out more information, get in contact with Maria Cameron, Agriculture Extension Team on 0409 636 765 or via email


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