Engaging with Peri-urban Landholders: a forum for councils and networks

In March 2021, a forum was held for councils, and networks on peri-urban landholder engagement at Greater Sydney Local Land Services Demonstration Farm. Access the presentation and full list of resources below.

Click here for the full presentation slideshow.
Click here for the full resource list from the presentation.

Engaging with Peri-urban Landholders webinar series

In June 2020 a series of webinars were conducted on "Engaging with Peri-urban landholders". Recordings and presentations from these sessions can be found below.

Session 1 - Lifestyle landholder demographics, behaviour and attitudes; biodiversity values and hotspots in the region.

  • Click HERE to download Maree and Angela's presentation and HERE to download Peter's presentation,

Session 2 - Behaviour change initiatives for weed control

  • Click HERE to download Nicola Dixon's presentation.

Session 3 - Overview of biosecurity in Greater Sydney.

  • Click HERE to download session three's presentation.

Session 4 - Landholder pest management in The Hills Shire

  • Click HERE to download Maree and Angela's presentation and HERE to download Zac's presentation.

Helpful links


NSW WeedWise website

Pests and diseases

Deer identification guide: Download guide here


Your general biosecurity duty

Website - NSW DPI

Your role in biosecurity

Website - NSW DPI

Report new incursions HERE

Map feral animal sightings and activity on your property HERE

Map and record rabbit activity and sightings on your property HERE

Information on rabbit control can be found HERE

Pest Smart Connect

This website provides information about invasive vertebrate pests in Australia: their biology, ecology, impacts and best practice management. Download the PestSmart camera trap manual HERE