Soil and Land Rehabilitation

The Soil and Land Rehabilitation project will protect and rehabilitate soils to support ecosystem services in the Central West Local Land Services region by supporting landholders to protect, enhance and restore soils on prioritised soil-landscapes. This will be achieved through financial and technical support to community groups and landholders for improving groundcover, stock management (through installation of fencing and alternative watering points), soil health testing and monitoring, conducting soil conservation works and managing total grazing pressure and invasive species.


Activities for the 20/21 Soil and Land Rehabilitation project include:

● Plant identification training aimed at strategies to improve groundcover and soil health.

● Soil Pits and Kits training will be held across the region to assist landholders in understanding their soils and common soil problems and provide them will skills to assess soils and carry out basic tests

● Erosion management training will be held to showcase common erosion drainage problems and present some management solutions that can be implemented on farm

● On-ground works funding for soil erosion management and control works within the soil and land rehabilitation priority area.

● On-ground works funding for water point exclusion. This funding will allow landholders to isolate watering points to manage total grazing pressure


Jasmine Wells - Senior Land Services Officer - NRM
M: 0417 488 496