Riparian Restoration

The Central West Local Land Services Riparian Restoration project aims to rehabilitate and enhance priority riparian habitat along the Lachlan and Macquarie Rivers.

Riparian habitat includes land alongside creeks, streams, gullies, rivers and wetlands. Riparian areas are vulnerable and can be easily degraded. Damage can be caused by uncontrolled stock access, clearing for agriculture, invasion of pest animals, weed species, erosion and overuse from recreational activities.

Habitat mapping was completed by the Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries NSW along the Lachlan and Macquarie Rivers to determine priority reaches for restoration.

These priority reaches have been identified with recommendations for management actions that will support the conservation and protection of riparian ecosystems and related flora and fauna species.

Priority actions

Priority actions for on-ground investment include:

● Fencing for riparian protection/ stock management and erosion control

● Alternative off stream watering points

● Pest animal and weed control

● Attachment of pump screens to protect native fish populations

● Restoration of native vegetation through supplementary planting of native understorey plant species

● Grazing training with particular regard to stock management in riparian areas.


Dominic Nowlan
Senior Land Services Officer
M: 0409 915 695