Inspect crops for weed escapes

With harvest almost upon us it is worth inspecting crops for the presence of winter weeds. This will aid in planning for next year's crop and herbicide applications.

The presence of weeds maybe the result of weed escapes from spraying and may indicate herbicide resistance. If herbicide resistance is suspected then a resistance test is the best option to confirm this.

Herbicide resistance testing is also important to identify what herbicides are still working.

At this time of the year herbicide resistance testing of winter weeds is carried out by sending samples of mature seeds away to be germinated and tested against a range of herbicide groups.

This service is available through organisations such as Charles Sturt University at Wagga or Plant Science Consulting at Adelaide. Pricing and sampling method information is available in the links.

For additional information on herbicide resistance or to discuss potential issues on your farm please contact your local Local Land Services cropping staff:

Neroli Brennan (0428 692 713 or

Greg Paul (0428 258 540 or

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