TSR update: Central West March 2020

With recent rains travelling stock reserves (TSRs) are recovering, especially in the north of the region which got the early jump on rain.

Central West TSR staff have been out monitoring TSRs and are happy to see how many routes have recovered with the exception of the Grenfell area which hasn't had the falls other areas have had.

A lot of TSRs are at a point where we can issue permits and we have put some guidelines in place to ensure we have full recovery of perennial pastures:

Maximum of 600 head of cattle and 6000 head of sheep

  • No calving or lambing on the TSR
  • If intact males are going to be with the mob stock owner needs to have plan to take females off before calving/lambing.
  • Stock must walk a minimum of 10km/day unless slow travel of 5km/day is negotiated with TSR Ranger
  • Stock owner must have property to take stock home too if conditions deteriorate
  • Groundcover must be greater than 70% with the exception of  the western part of the region where it needs to be 50%. This does not include annual weeds.

TSR Rangers have noticed that fenced reserves have not recovered as well as our routes which may be a result of overgrazing in the past. We will use these observations to plan future grazing, in some cases resting these reserves and allowing perennial grasses to go to seed before grazing to allow regeneration.

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