Stream Protection project

The Stream Protection project aims to protect the riparian zone from stock access through fencing out a buffer zone and to enhance the existing riparian zone through revegetation and weed control.

Purpose of the Stream Protection project

In a healthy ecosystem there is a natural balance of disturbance and regeneration. Unfortunately, past land management practices have disrupted this natural balance by increasing disturbance and as a result the health of the riparian zone has declined in many areas. Restoring the riparian zone under the SPP project aims to limit sedimentation and nutrient enrichment, reduce erosion and sediment slugs, provide aquatic and terrestrial habitat and habitat corridors, improve water quality for habitat and agriculture as well as improving recreational amenity.

What works is Local Land Services doing on the ground?

The Stream Protection project provides landholders who have a named stream on their property with incentive funding to restore and rehabilitate the riparian zone along their stream. Streams will be fenced out and revegetated and alternative watering points such as troughs and dams can be installed.

How can landholders get involved?

Incentives are now closed for the 2022/23 year period, however keep an eye on the CT LLS webpage for future funding opportunities.

In the meantime, you can begin riparian protection works on your property with the assistance of this revegetation guide.

For more information

Contact Katie McPherson, Senior Land Services Officer, Central Tablelands Local Land Services on 0460 897 275 or

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