Environmental Innovation and Sustainability Awards 2022-23

Central Tablelands Local Land Services is asking you to vote for the person in your district who you know to be displaying best practice management in environmental sustainability and innovation.

This is the first year Central Tablelands Local Land Services has hosted a best practice environmental management award. The award will assist Local Land Services to recognise landholders in the Central Tablelands region that have been managing their land in an environmentally sustainable manner and provide learnings for other landholders about how they can also implement these practices.

The winners will receive a prize that will be awarded at a ceremony hosted by Local Land Services. This ceremony will be held in the Orange Botanical Gardens on 31 March 2023 from 10 am – 3 pm.

The winner’s names will be engraved on a plaque which will remain on display in the Cowra Local Land Services office.

Award Prizes

  • 1st place: Habitech modular nest box and installation
  • 2nd place: 30 native tubestock and biodegradable tree guards
  • Random nominator: 20 native tubestock.

Event Speakers

The event ceremony will host numerous environmental speakers such as:

  • Mick Callan - Habitat Innovation and Management
  • Geraldine Brown - Central Tablelands Landcare
  • Will Johnson – Lowanna, Canowindra
  • Eleanor Lang – ANU Sustainable Farms

The speakers on the day will provide an insight into what kind of assistance, products and education is available to landholders and will allow for valuable connections to be made between landholders and support agencies.

Judging Process and Criteria

Judging of the Environmental Award will take place in February 2023 by Katie McPherson.

Four entries will be selected at random. Katie will contact the nominated landholders to let them know they have been selected as a potential candidate for the award. Katie will then attend the property and review the environmental practices that the landholder has been nominated for.

The judging criteria will include:

  • The property owner has introduced practices on their property that assist with biodiversity conservation
  • They have introduced environmental assets on their property to improve production and performance (e.g., shelter belts, fenced creek lines, hard entry point farm dams etc.)
  • They have or are in the process of rehabilitating part of or all of their property that would be considered degraded (e.g., compacted soil, erosion issues, eutrophic waterway etc.)
  • They have produced a new and innovative method of best practice management.

Interested in attending the award ceremony? Register to attend.

For more information

Katie McPherson, Central Tablelands Local Land Services
M: 0460 897 275
E: kate.a.mcpherson@lls.nsw.gov.au


Information collected in this survey will be used by Central Tablelands Local Land Services for the purposes of judging the 2022 - 2023 Environmental Innovation and Sustainability Award only, unless otherwise specified by the nominator and/or recipient.

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