Plant Quarantine Website for NSW

Fresh fruit, vegetables and plants – ever wondered what you could bring home from an interstate holiday. There’s now a way to check online.

NSW may have Queensland fruit fly but there are a lot of things we don’t have and don’t want. That lovely looking ficus from Queensland could be harboring nasties including Red imported fire ants. That innocuous leftover fruit from your caravanning holiday in WA could be wiggling with Mediterranean fruit fly larvae.

Interstate businesses importing fresh fruit, vegetables and plants into NSW also need to meet requirements such as treating produce in certain ways and having it certified before it is allowed to move into NSW.

The Insterstate Plant Quarantine Website is an invaluable resource to allow business and individuals to check quickly and easily if produce is permitted from particular states and territories and if so what the requirements are.

This also provides a ready reference for Regulatory staff, called upon frequently to provide this information for market access and for people travelling or moving from interstate.

For more information check out the Department of Primary Industries Biosecurity Act.

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