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The Pastoral Poddy is a podcast for landholders, community members and industry on all things pertinent to the rangelands of Western NSW. We hope you enjoy listening to the stories as told by landholders, ag advisors and industry representatives, as much as we enjoyed developing them!

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Episode 1 — Pregnancy scanning 

Only about half of all ewes in Australia get pregnancy scanned. Why is that? In this episode we explore how scanning can help you make more informed management decisions to improve your lambing percentages.

Episode 2 — Pre-lambing nutrition 

In this episode we look at pre-lambing nutrition because a healthy ewe is going to give her lambs the best chance of survival. We hear from industry experts with all the facts and figures and we'll talk to a landholder who's experienced first hand when nutrition is out of balance.

Episode 3 — Ewe reproduction strategies 

Did you know that lamb mortality costs the sheep industry about half a billion dollars a year? Some of that is unavoidable. Its natural. But a big part of it comes down to managing the reproduction cycle. Join us for this episode as we take a look at ewe reproduction strategies.

Episode 4 — Weaner management 

From the moment we're born we are constantly learning. The same goes for ewe weaners who have to get through birth, learn to walk and graze, drink milk, and avoid predators. There's a lot of new things happening and plenty that can go wrong. Join us for this episode where we take a look at weaner management and hear from a farming couple why a good quality feed cart is the key to not only a successful feeding operation but a happy marriage as well.

Episode 5 — Farming goats 

Have you ever thought about farming goats? Did you know Australia is a global powerhouse in exporting goat meat, ranking number 1 while export prices have had almost uninterrupted growth over the last four years. In this episode we explore the ins and outs of harvesting unmanaged rangeland goats versus managed goats to help you take advantage of a growing opportunity.

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