NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project

Aug 2020

The NSW Government has committed to extending the NSW Border Wild Dog Fence (commonly known as the dog fence) by 742 km which it will fund at a cost of $37.5 million. The commitment comes following a feasibility study that was commissioned by the Border Fence Maintenance Board and funded by Local Land Services.

The study determined there would be considerable benefits to be had by extending the fence by 420 km in the east adjacent to Mungindi and 322 km in the south to just short of the Murray River. The fence is currently approximately 583 km in length and erected along parts of the NSW/Queensland border and NSW/South Australian border.

Project progress and opportunities to be involved

The project is progressing well, with mapping for the proposed alignment along the NSW and South Australia border completed, and mapping for the proposed alignment along the NSW and Queensland border commencing in June 2020 with 160 km undertaken, leaving 260 km to be mapped.

The biodiversity assessments along the NSW and South Australia proposed alignment have been undertaken, while the biodiversity assessments along the NSW and Queensland proposed alignment will commence once the mapping has been completed. The process to identify Aboriginal parties with traditional knowledge for the country that the fence extension passes over and inform them of the nature and scope of the project has been carried out through preliminary consultation work. The assessments for Aboriginal cultural heritage for both alignments are continuing via desktop.

Two tenders have so far been called, the first to manufacture and supply fence materials and the second for the construction of two priority pilot sites, the first of which will see construction commence in September 2020. The NSW Government will soon be calling tenders for businesses to undertake earthworks and erect the fence. There will be a number of employment opportunities in the construction phase of the project, with some positions to remain ongoing to manage the extended fence. Businesses and individuals that would like to be notified when tenders open and upcoming employment opportunities should contact the project team.

COVID-19 update — work continuing

The project team is adapting to a new way of working in light of COVID-19, with measures put in place to ensure the safety of landholders, the community and staff.

While it is not business as usual, the project team will be progressing the project in the weeks and months ahead, where safe and practical to do so.

Want to know more about the project?

View the latest stakeholder updates for a snapshot of the project:

A number of other resources have been developed to inform stakeholders of the project:

The project team will continue to provide updates to landholders and community members as the project progresses. We are happy to make presentations and provide updates to any stakeholder group, or individual, in person, over the phone, email, or other. If you have any questions about the extension of the dog fence, don’t hesitate to contact the project team.

Phone: (02) 5852 1215
Email: wilddogfence@scs.nsw.gov.au

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