Wild Dog DNA to Help With Control

Wild dogs continue to be the significant pest species on the North Coast, attacking livestock and native animals, potentially spreading diseases and threatening human health, safety and wellbeing.

North Coast Local Land Services is seeking the assistance of the community to gather information on wild dog genetics by providing samples from any wild dogs that are controlled as part of their regular management programs.

These samples will be tested to determine the genetic makeup and the kinship (how they are related to each other) of wild dogs. This information will be used to help local and regional wild dog control groups better target their management activity.

The project will run for five years and is part of a national program to gain information on the relatedness of wild dogs and their dispersion across the landscape.

Dean Chamberlain, Team Leader Invasive Pests with North Coast Local Land Services says, ‘By knowing which dog is related to which other dogs, we can work out the size of the area local people have to consider for effective control of livestock predation.’

‘Having a better understanding of wild dog movements through the landscape helps us to identify which neighbouring landholders need to work together for better control. This can help to reduce impacts on livestock, wildlife, domestic pets and people.’  Dean said.

The success of the program will be reliant on Local Land Services, getting good samples from the community.

“By involving community members in the DNA research, there is the opportunity to build a better understanding of the issue, and this will lead to greater involvement in local control programs.’ said Dean

Local Land Services is keen to recognise participation in the Wild Dog DNA Sampling Project by offering a monthly prize draw of a $250 voucher to your local produce store, firearms dealer or trapping supply store for eligible participants who submit samples.

If you are interested in becoming part of the program and would like more information, please contact Tiffany Felton, Senior Biosecurity Officer at North Coast Local Land Services 1300 795 299


Media contact: Emily Findlay, North Coast Local Land Services 0419221136

Photo Caption: North Coast Local Land Services is seeking community assistance with collecting samples for a wild dog genetics programs.

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