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Murray Seed Services undertakes seed collection, seed storage, direct seeding, and technical support for planning and implementation of revegetation activities in the region.

Our Native Seedbank

Our facilities enable us to collect from a large range of species and from different provenances across the region. We process then store the seed in a temperature and humidity-controlled seed vault to ensure the best quality seed. When a seed order is submitted to us we are able to match the appropriate species, and provenance to your sites soil and vegetation type, to provide the best opportunity for successful establishment.

Native Seed in Murray LLS Seedbank

Direct Seeding

Establishing native vegetation in a changing climate presents many challenges.  We have four direct seeding machines that enable large scale revegetation works to be completed in a short period of time in an efficient and economical manner.

We are able to assist with; enhancing existing native vegetation areas, linking fragmented remnant vegetation, sowing Old Man Saltbush pasture, creating shelter belts, establishing offset areas and establishing native vegetation for erosion control.

Our species mix for direct seeding sites includes a range of species suited to your location, soil type and vegetation community. We include a range of provenances into the mix including seed sourced from dryer areas to help ensure a successful establishment in a variable climate.

By providing sound, proven advice on how to best prepare your site prior to seeding and also follow up advice after sowing to help inform positive management decisions, we aim to give your direct seeding every opportunity to successfully establish with the right seasonal conditions.

Direct Seeder

More information

For more information or an obligation-free direct seeding quote, contact Tash Lappin 02 6051 2231, 0429 827 471,

Native pittosporum seed

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