Improving the condition of regionally significant wetlands and river reaches

The Murray region is home to a number of significant aquatic ecosystems such as rivers, creeks and wetlands which provide essential habitat for wildlife including a number of threatened fish species. Land-use changes have meant that many of these ecosystems are now at risk of habitat loss and degradation.

Through funding from Catchment Action NSW, this project conducts activities to improve the condition of regionally significant aquatic ecosystems across the Murray region.

Edward River

What are we doing?

The Aquatic Systems project is working with community groups and partner organisations to

  • Protect and enhance the ecologically and culturally significant Pollack Wetland through pest and weed control activities, revegetation and community events;
  • Protect and enhance Wanganella Wetlands through pest and weed control activities;
  • Protect sensitive Montane Peatlands in the Upper Murray from feral horse impacts through the installation of exclusion fencing;
  • Rehabilitate riparian areas along Mountain Creek, Ten Mile Creek and Billabong Creek through fencing, revegetation and the installation of alternative watering points;
  • Increase habitat availability and productivity, and reduce bank erosion within the Edward River boat and ski zone through the revegetation of aquatic vegetation.

Montane peatlands

How can you help?

You can help improve the condition of aquatic ecosystems on your property by:

  • fencing out stock from riparian and wetland areas
  • planting native vegetation
  • providing alternative watering points
  • controlling weeds & pests
  • managing bank, streambed and gully erosion
  • leaving fallen timber and snags for habitat

More Information

Susanne Watkins - 02 6051 2234

Steve Thompson - 02 6948 9197

Josh Campbell - 03 5881 9935

Azolla and potamogeton aquatic vegetation

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