Mount Dispersion celebration event hailed as a great success

The local community have let their feet and actions do the talking with over 130 people attending a celebration event aimed at highlighting the importance of the Mount Dispersion site.

Apart from being a historical hub on the Murray River and a major meeting point for Aboriginal people, Mount Dispersion is the site of a colonial massacre sanctioned by Major Mitchell in 1836, in which at least seven unarmed and fleeing Aboriginal people were killed.

The Mount Dispersion site, near Euston, was gazetted as an Aboriginal Place in May 2020 due to the importance of its history to the Aboriginal community.

The celebration event, which was held at the end of April, allowed for the sharing of knowledge, education of the cultural importance of the site and the Murray River more broadly, and to grieve the tragedy of the site’s history.

Western Local Land Services’ Charles Benson said the event was a great success and thanked all stakeholders for being involved.

“The day achieved its purpose of conveying both the mourning of a great tragedy and simultaneously celebrating the recognition of the site as an Aboriginal place and the coming together of community and a number of stakeholders,” Mr Benson said.

“The celebration event was also successful in identifying many stakeholders that will enable representation of community in future commemoration and site protection works that will take place on the site.”

The event was organised with collaboration between Culpra Station Landcare Group, Western Local Land Services, Aboriginal community groups, landholders, local schools, Wentworth Shire Council, RMIT University, community organisations and members of the general public.

Looking ahead, a number of stakeholders expressed an interest in undertaking works to develop the site and ensure it is maintained well into the future.

People interested in being involved in this process are encouraged to contact Mr Benson on 0427 932 526 or for more information. 

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.

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