Mammoth wild dog baiting program carried out in Western NSW

Almost 160,000 baits covering an area of 10,351,829 hectares, equivalent to the size of Iceland, have been distributed by the NSW Government in a targeted campaign to destroy wild dog populations in the State’s far west.  

Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW Adam Marshall today said that the Spring Wild Dog Baiting program ran from August to October and would help manage the pests which plague primary production operations.  

“If you speak to any landholder in the State’s west they will say that wild dogs are worse than any drought, so it is crucial we take decisive action to manage this destructive issue,” Mr Marshall said.  

“The recent Spring Wild Dog Baiting program saw 53,000 aerial baits distributed and more than 106,000 used for ground baiting across more than ten million hectares.  

“These numbers might make the mind boggle, but they are necessary out here and speaks to the significance of the threat.  

“Western Local Land Services has worked closely with landholders to carry out this colossal baiting program and it was great to see so many participants involved.”

Mr Marshall said landholders would have an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in wild dog management techniques through a series of six information sessions running next month.

“We need to use every tool at our disposal in the fight against wild dogs and these free information sessions represent a valuable learning opportunity for landholders,” Mr Marshall said.

“The skills learned from the experts in the Western Local Land Services team will give landholders greater capacity to control, trap and dispose of wild dogs so I urge any who has problems with these pests to sign up and help us in the fight for eradication.”  

The wild dog information sessions will run from 9 am to 3:30 pm and be held on-property:

  • Friday, 4 December – “Tarrion”, Brewarrina
  • Saturday, 5 December – Western Local Land Services Baiting Station, Bourke
  • Sunday, 6 December – “Comeroo farm stay”, Yantabulla
  • Monday, 7 December – “Barringun”
  • Tuesday, 8 December – “Janina”, Wanaaring.

For further information about the sessions or wild dog control contact a Western Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer on 1300 795 299 or by clicking here.

Media: Connor McGoverne, 0408 185 304

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