Surge in participation has renewed Local Land Services boards to support, protect and develop regional land use

Following a significant rise in participation, thirty-four people across the state have been elected as members to the 11 local boards that work with the NSW Local Land Services to determine local delivery priorities for important services including pest control, land protection and assistance for productive land use.

Eligible landholder voters elected the group of 34 to the positions, with a 23% increase in the number of voters compared to the 2020 election.

16 women have been elected to the boards which is a 100% increase over 2020, demonstrating that the plan by the NSW Government to diversify participation has been successful. In total, 116 candidates contested the 11 local board elections.

The elected members join appointed members on the boards and play a crucial role identifying priorities and working within their communities to help shape plans, programs and services.

The local boards will prioritise and monitor services including:

  • providing best practice advice to manage pest animals and pest control activities
  • managing and improving natural resources on-farm for a healthy environment
  • a network of district veterinarians who offer advice and services on biosecurity, livestock disease surveillance, and animal emergency management
  • offering the latest information and guidance to improve agricultural productivity and support landholders through times of drought.

The board elections were run in accordance with the Local Land Services Act 2013 and Local Land Services Regulation 2014.

Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty said:

“The NSW Government was elected to renew services for regional and rural communities and to ensure local voices were listened to. The surge in voting for local land services boards and the significant increase in woman nominating are wins for local communities.

“The 11 Local Land Services boards play an important role on the frontline of agriculture across NSW and it’s important that we have attracted a broad spectrum of the community to nominate, vote and participate in that work.

“Board members provide valuable connection points between farmers and government by promoting services, fostering partnerships, and creating productive and positive relationships with landholders.

Recently elected Local Land Services regional board members:

  • Benjamin Watts (Central Tablelands)
  • Anna Shaw (Central Tablelands)
  • James Dellow (Central Tablelands)
  • Rae Craft (Central West)
  • Nina Hooper (Central West)
  • Elise Stokes (Central West)
  • Richard De Abreu Lourenco (Greater Sydney)
  • Linda Smith (Greater Sydney)
  • Sean Hooper (Greater Sydney)
  • William Stacy (Hunter)
  • Patrick Ryan (Hunter)
  • Fred Paton (Hunter)
  • Amanda Barlow (Murray)
  • Andrew Hermiston (Murray)
  • Melinda McCrohon (Murray)
  • David Dawson (North Coast)
  • Bruce Lyle (North Coast)
  • Gordon Mack (North Coast)
  • Vera Reardon (North West)
  • Rebecca Collins (North West)
  • Christopher Chaplain (North West)
  • James Jackson (Northern Tablelands)
  • Peter Parnell (Northern Tablelands)
  • Alana Marcus (Northern Tablelands)
  • Elizabeth Stott (Riverina)
  • Robert Matthews (Riverina)
  • Alison Hamilton (Riverina)
  • Nicola Burton Taylor (South East)
  • Steven Hogan (South East)
  • Pam Kensit (South East)
  • Anita O'Connor (Western)
  • Garry Hannigan (Western)
  • Michael Davis (Western)
  • Jessica Murray (Western).

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