Working together to better manage natural resources

From protecting endangered baby Bells Turtles, to installing fish-friendly screens on river pumps, improving the condition of wetland ecosystems and conserving Brigalow woodland, Local Land Services is changing the norms around maintaining and preserving our natural assets.
Local Land Services has many natural resource management projects across NSW that support landholders to adopt practices that build healthy, resilient landscapes.

Local Land Services’ Landcare Business Partner, Julie Busuttil, said this National Landcare Week we would like to celebrate and acknowledge the landholders and stakeholders we work with to better manage natural resources.

“We’re working with landholders to protect threatened species through native vegetation and habitat protection, build healthy soils and wetlands, restore riverbanks, increase biodiversity on farm and much more,” Julie said.

"I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the local and regional Landcare Coordinators supported under the NSW Landcare Program and the Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitators supported under the National Landcare Program.

“Their ongoing efforts are critical in supporting land managers, community and volunteers to protect, restore and educate on natural resource management and sustainable productivity across NSW.

“As we enter a more carbon-constrained and rapidly changing decade, NSW faces a huge natural resource management challenge.

“The health of our environment is under increasing strain and will be further stretched by the expected increases in droughts, floods, bushfires and other climatic changes.

“In NSW, ecosystems are at risk of collapse, species are increasingly at risk of extinction, native vegetation and waterways are under pressure and the capacity of soils to sustain a range of productive land uses and support natural ecosystems in the long term is at risk from declining soil condition across the state.”

Local Land Services recognises these challenges and is dedicated to helping landholders get the best advice and support to improve practices, boosting their return from their natural assets and tackling priority threats to achieving healthy and resilient landscapes.

Working as part of the National Landcare Program and partnering with Landcare community groups across the state, Local Land Services addresses soil management, water management, native vegetation and habitat protection, native animals, wetlands and biodiversity.
For specific advice on managing natural resources on your property, or to see how you can get involved in NRM projects, contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

For more information on Local Land Services’ direction for natural resource management services read the Local Land Services Natural Resource Management Framework 2021 – 2026. PDF, 2402.08 KB

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