12 Days of Local Land Services Christmas

Day 12

Day 12 - Wild Dog Fence

This year the NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project made significant progress despite the impacts of COVID-19, drought and floods.

For 2021, the project team are continuing to work toward the main phase of construction commencing with the NSW Government taking steps to assist businesses and contractors from Regional NSW to be involved in the project.

Read more about the project here.

Day 11

Day 11 - Soil Conservation Services

The team at Soil Conservation Services have a proud history of building and rehabilitating Australian environments since 1938. They are able to help with controlling runoff to prevent soil erosion, safely storing and distributing water, and rehabilitating eroded or disturbed areas,all key elements in the sustainable management of properties and catchments.

Head to Soil Conservation Services website for more information.

Day ten

Day ten - Locusts

Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, landholders have a legal obligation to report any of the three declared plague locust species (Australian plague, spur-throated and migratory locusts) to their Local Land Services office. Landholders also have an obligation to eradicate locusts on their property.

Find out more about locusts here.

Contact your regional Biosecurity Officer if you require locust pest animal management advice.

Day nine

Day nine - Landcare

We are proud to work with Landcare groups across NSW. In 2022 the NSW Local Land Services and Landcare Conference will be taking place on the beautiful North Coast. The conference had to be postponed but will be something to look forward to in the future.

Read more here and don't forget to check out the conference website and Facebook page for more updates as the date gets closer.

Day eight

Day eight - Silos

This year Local Land Services held two free webinars addressing on-farm storage options. These provided direct access to two experts on types of on-farm grain storage – temporary and permanent.

Watch Philip Burrill from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland and Bill Gordon from NSW Department of Primary Industries explain all things grain storage.

You can catch up on both these webinars on our YouTube channel here.

This webinar series was proudly brought to you by the statewide Ag advisory team from Local Land Services.

Day seven

Day seven - Chickens

Do you know what it takes to have healthy chickens? Check out the 'Introduction to keeping chickens' resource to learn more.

if you have a small farm and want to know more to better understand your land the ‘Every Bit Counts’ program has been developed to connect you with the best available knowledge and advice for a productive small farm.

The Every Bit Counts project is running across four of our regions - North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and South East. You can check out the hub here, and access helpful information, tips and resources.

Day six

Day six - TSRs

Local Land Services is responsible for the care, control and management of about 30% of TSRs in NSW, covering about 530,000 hectares, mostly concentrated in the Central and Eastern Divisions.

When moving stock on a travelling stock reserve (TSR) or along a public road, you must follow these requirements and have a permit. If you are planning on using the TSR network, don’t get caught out without a permit.

Find out more about the different permits available and what is required here.

Want to know more about TSRs? Read more here.

Day five

Day five - Cultural burns

Central Tablelands Local Land Services launched their book ‘Lighting the Path: A Journey to Heal People and Country’ this year. The books follows how local Aboriginal people worked with Central Tablelands Local Land Services to reignite traditional knowledge and reconnect with their country.

Watch the video and download your copy of the book here.

This project has been generously funded through the Australian Government's former Caring for Country and National Landcare Program, as well as the NSW Government's Catchment Action initiative.

Day four

Day four - Bittern

Some of our regions are home to the Bittern. This threatened species has been seen in the Riverina, Northern Tablelands, Hunter and Central West regions. The Boosting the Bunyip Bird Project in the Riverina saw some great results, with birds sighted during the project.

Check out some of the great resources and projects here:

Day three

Day three - Malleefowl

With the help of the Australian Government's National Landcare Program, several of our regions are working to protect the Malleefowl, which is now a threatened species. Check out some of the projects below:

Day Two

Day two - Two little lambs

Neonatal lamb mortality is one of the most costly diseases to effect producers. This refers to death of lambs within three days of birth and it can be significantly reduced by following some basic principles around ewe nutrition and preparation of the lambing paddock. Find out more here.

If you need help, or you’d like to know more about managing sheep and goats click  here.

Day One

Day one - Regent Honeyeater

The striking Regent Honeyeater is a threatened species in NSW, with conservation efforts underway across the state to protect this species and the habitat it depends on.

Take a look at how we are protecting the Regent Honeyeater across the state:

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