Feral Pig GPS Collaring and Monitoring Project – community update

A well attended meeting was held at the Kybeyan Hall on Wednesday 10th November to update the community on the pig collaring program about to commence in the Kybeyan area. Presentations were made by Dan Biddulph, Senior Biosecurity Officer, Nicky Webb, Biosecurity Officer, Thomas Ross Local Manager and Darren Marshall regarding recent aerial shooting programs, pig trapping programs and the upcoming pig collaring program.

Pig collaring is a method of obtaining information on pig movements in order to improve the way feral pigs are managed. Feral pig populations need to be reduced by at least 75 per cent during a control program, for this to occur it is essential that information regarding population movements is available for better targeted control. By collaring a small number of pigs an understanding of the movement of the population can be achieved. This information will assist in better targeting of trapping, baiting and aerial shooting programs. Control using a variety of methods provides the best results.

South East Local Land Services is looking at undertaking further pig collaring programs across areas of the Monaro. If you are interested in speaking with a biosecurity officer regarding pig collaring please contact via email at enquiry.southeast@lls.nsw.gov.au or contact the Monaro office on 6455 7200.

Image: Participants at the pig collaring program update.

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