Local Land Services to establish expanded Demonstration site at Richmond

Greater Sydney Local Services has announced plans to establish a new and expanded demonstration farm in the Hawkesbury to support growers, producers and the broader community in best practice sustainable agriculture, biosecurity and natural resource management.

“We have worked over many years to engage and support growers and land owners by showcasing various fruit and vegetable varietal trials, hosting field days, farm walks and training days at our existing farm with attendance increasing year on year,” General Manager David Hogan said.

“With increasing support from industry and the community has meant we needed to find a larger site to meet grower demands and provide new opportunities for partnering with industry.”

Mr Hogan said the move would also strengthen the relationship with Western Sydney University who have been supportive of the expansion by providing a new, larger site.

Mr Hogan said the new site, known as the ‘River Farm’ in the Richmond Lowlands, is twice the size of the existing demonstration farm, providing greater opportunities to showcase sustainable agriculture across all the key industries in our region including horticulture, turf and mixed farming.

Provost of the Western Sydney University Hawkesbury campus, Mr Peter Pickering, said the University was pleased to see such a strong commitment to agricultural and broader land management in the Sydney basin.

“Western Sydney University looks forward to working with Greater Sydney Local Land Services to provide more opportunities to industry while giving our students opportunities to see examples of sustainable agriculture in action, outside the classroom,” said Mr Pickering.

Mr Hogan said the site would also be used as a showpiece for excellence in biosecurity practices as well as innovation in natural resource management.”

He said an official launch would be held mid-year once the relocation was complete.

“Importantly, we will continue to support our current industry investors and engage growers through workshops at the existing Demonstration Farm during the transition period,” he said.


Media contact: Nikki McGrath, Greater Sydney Local Land Services (02) 4724 2138 M: 0448 953 755

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