Seen a koala around the Central Tablelands region? Let Local Land Services know

Central Tablelands Local Land Services is asking people living or passing through the Central Tablelands region including the Copperhania Nature Reserve and Roseberg and Pennsylvania State Forests to report any sightings of koalas.

In conjunction with Forestry Corporation, Central Tablelands Local Land Services is undertaking monitoring to inform environmental managers, land managers and the community about koala numbers, distribution and habitat.

Land Services Officer, Central Tablelands Local Land Services Katie McPherson said koala breeding season is upon us and we would like any landholders, bush walkers or people passing through to report any koala sightings.

“We’re particularly interested in sightings in the Copperhania Nature Reserve and Roseberg and Pennsylvania State Forests,” Ms McPherson said.

“The koala is listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

“The koala is an important species to everyone and so we are working with local land managers including Forestry Corporation to undertake monitoring to better understand koala numbers, distribution and habitat in the local area.

“This information will allow us to assist the implementation of long-term conservation strategies to secure healthy koala populations in the wild in the central tablelands.

“We would like to hear of any koala sightings from September through to February 2023.”

Report sightings via the I Spy Koala app.

For more information, contact Katie McPherson on or 0460 897 275.

Find out more about natural resource management to protect our native animals.

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