Excel for eID - Building your data over time | ONLINE

Want to know more about how to use Microsoft Excel to record individual animal performance?

eID devices for sheep and goats can be used as a tool to manage more than disease traceability. Recording individual animal performance data can assist in stock management decisions and help to improve your flock’s genetic performance.

Join Local Land Services and Sally Martin, Senior Consultant and Managing Director SheepMetrix, for a series of online sessions that will teach you how to use Excel to improve your mob performance.

Session 3 - Building on your data over time:

  • using multiple traits to make selection decisions – ranking options
  • complementing your ram and ewes selections
  • do you need a software package?
  • where else can you use the data you are collecting?

Register online.

22 Jul 2024 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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