To support the North Coast Local Land Services engagement with key stakeholders, the Aboriginal Community Advisory Group (the Advisory Group) has resolved to produce concise updates following each meeting. North Coast Local Land Services will place these updates on their website and Advisory Group members may use them to communicate with their networks and contacts.

The Advisory Group held their inaugural meeting in Coffs Harbour on Monday 9 May.  North Coast Local Land Services Acting Chair, Mark Bulley, opened the meeting and welcomed the Advisory Group members and a visitor from Office of Environment and Heritage.  Mark invited Barry Williams to do an Acknowledgement of Country.

Acting Chair’s opening comments

Mark Bulley briefly outlined the role of the Advisory Group discussing its relationship to other the Community Advisory Group and the Regional Weeds Committee.  Mark gave an overview of North Coast Local Land Services. Arrangements for the chairing of meetings was discussed which included the potential for rotating this.

General Manager’s welcome and comments

Bruce Brown, General Manager of North Coast Local Land Services, welcomed the Advisory Group. He stressed the critical role that this Advisory Group will have in guiding the delivery of our investment so that it achieves mutually beneficial outcomes.

Introductions from around the table

Advisory Group members introduced themselves and gave a brief bio about themselves.  Members spoke of their aspirations for the Aboriginal Community Advisory Group.

Outline of North Coast Local Land Services roles and responsibilities

Royce Bennett, Manager Land Services, spoke about the roles and responsibilities of Local Land Services.  Royce gave a brief history which included our legacy organisations and how they were integrated into Local Land Services.  The sources of funding for North Coast Local Land Services were also briefly discussed.

Administration and other business

Barry Williams, Senior Land Services Officer, spoke to the Advisory Group members about some administrative details that required attention.

Barry went through the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group.  It was decided to amend the Terms of Reference to include a standing representative from the Office of Environment and Heritage.  The Advisory Group agreed that the Terms of reference should be reviewed after 12 months.

Barry went through the North Coast Local Land Services Aboriginal Engagement Plan 2016-18 which included how it was developed.

Local Strategic Plan and State Strategic Plan

Graeme Moss, Team Leader Strategic Land Services, spoke about the local and state strategic plans for Local Land Services.

Guidance for 2016/17 project development

Royce gave an overview of investment funds and investor preferences.  Project development for 2016/17 will need to be completed by August 2016.

Open discussion

Advisory Group members discussed a number of points including:

  • The need for annual review of the Aboriginal Engagement Plan and the Terms of reference.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Pest control.
  • Education sponsorship opportunities.

Next meeting is scheduled for the first or second week of August to be held at Grafton, meeting date and venue to be confirmed.