Wild rabbits

Wild rabbits are one of Australia's most widely distributed pest animal species.

Impact of wild rabbits

Wild rabbits cause significant economic losses to agriculture by damaging crops and pastures, creating significant grazing pressures and disturbing soils leading to erosion and loss of topsoil.

Rabbits can have a major impact on grazing, native fora, horticultural industries and gardens. They are a key threatening process for fora species within the region.

Control of wild rabbits

Controlling wild rabbits can be difficult because they often occupy a large area.

Rabbits can be controlled with baiting with 1080 and Pindone poisoned carrots, biological controls (such as myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease) and fumigation.

Poisons and fumigants can be purchased and your Local Land Services office may have rabbit control equipment available for hire for a nominal fee.

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit Pestsmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

Otherwise, please contact yout local Biosecurity Officer if you require wild rabbit pest animal management advice.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

We've worked with regional pest animal committees and the community to develop regional strategic pest animal management plans in each of our 11 Local Land Services regions.

Your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans will tell you what priority pest animal pest animals you need to manage and how.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan:

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