At Local Land Services, we can advise landholders on how to control mice on their property.

Although landholders are under no obligation to control mice numbers, mice are considered a nuisance species and can cause damage to property. If left uncontrolled, they can reach plague numbers.

Impact of mice

Mice can cause irreversible damage to crops, machinery and other infrastructure. This results in economic and social stress, especially in rural communities.

Mice control

Reducing access to and covering food, together with baiting with zinc phosphide, can control local mice populations.

These methods work more effectively when used collectively by neighbours.

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit Pestsmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

Otherwise, please contact your local Biosecuity officer if you require mice pest animal management advice.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

We've worked with regional pest animal committees and the community to develop regional strategic pest animal management plans in each of our 11 Local Land Services regions.

Your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans will tell you what priority pest animal pest animals you need to manage and how.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan:

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