Cane toads

The invasion and establishment of the cane toad in NSW has been identified as a key threatening process under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Cane toad impact

Cane toad infestation poses a threat to the biosecurity of NSW. They are a lethal threat to domestic pets, livestock and threatened species when ingested.

Cane toads also pose a threat to Aboriginal cultural heritage and ecotourism.

A number of native frogs are often mistaken for cane toads. The Department of Primary Industries website has more information on correctly identifying cane toads.

Controlling cane toads

The Biosecurity Zone, established under regional biosecurity regulations, explains how to manage cane toads locally. The management plans:

  • minimise or eliminate the impacts of cane toads on NSW land
  • prevent the spread of cane toads onto other parts of NSW land
  • reduce the risk of cane toads being released into the environment.

As a landowner, it is your responsibility to notify Local Land Services of cane toad activity to avoid an infestation. To report activity, please contact your local Biosecurity Officer.

Everyone in NSW  has a biosecurity duty under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 to prevent the spread of cane toads from where they are currently established (north-east NSW to the Clarence River).

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit Pestsmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

We've worked with regional pest animal committees and the community to develop regional strategic pest animal management plans in each of our 11 Local Land Services regions.

Your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans will tell you what priority pest animal pest animals you need to manage and how.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan:

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