Beef cattle

The beef cattle industry in NSW is the second largest in Australia. It holds about 20 per cent of Australia’s cattle and calves, making it a valuable source of livestock for the Australian cattle industry, economy and consumer market.

How Local Land Services can help you

Local Land Services works to secure the future of farming by protecting and growing farm productivity. Our staff are on the ground with practical advice, information and training.

We help farmers discover new ways to improve their business and balance production, profit and sustainability.

We work closely with organisations such as the Department of Primary Industries to provide up-to-date technical advice and support. Our staff work towards strategic plans on biosecurity and welfare to the benefit of Australian farmers and our land.

Our staff coordinate local producer groups and hold field days on locally relevant topics including animal husbandry, pasture management, disease management and drought preparedness.

If you’d like to know more about this, please contact us.

What we can help with

Local Land Services can help you with:

  • growing farm productivity
  • growing healthy environments
  • livestock health and biosecurity
  • agricultural advice
  • advice on pest animals and diseases
  • animal welfare
  • quality assurance programs and training.

Local Land Services is here for you.

That’s why we offer advice and help from our Local Land Services Livestock Officers and District Veterinarians.

Please contact us to find out more on how Local Land Services can help you with your beef cattle.


More information on beef cattle in Australia can be found in the North Coast guide to Beef Cattle and Health Husbandry.

Alternatively you can visit the Department of Primary Industries website for information on cattle health and disease, cattle nutrition, breeding, welfare and management.

For meat and livestock production calculators from Meat and Livestock Australia, view the tools and calculators section.

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