Land Management Code - equity

The equity part of the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2018 enables the removal of paddock tree areas and the clearing of compromised native groundcover. It also allows for the clearing of small areas of native vegetation in cultivated land in exchange for setting aside and maintaining areas of remnant vegetation as well as clearing of regulated rural land, also in exchange for set asides.

The 'Land Management Code - equity' fact sheet covers:

  • paddock tree areas and their definition
  • clearing compromised native groundcover
  • small areas and their definition
  • removing native vegetation from small areas
  • removing native vegetation from regulated rural areas
  • landholding restrictions
  • treatment area restrictions
  • set-aside requirements
  • requirements prior to undertaking permitted clearing
  • re-categorisation of land.

Read or download the full fact sheet. PDF, 1511.38 KB