TSR Stock Permits - Long Term Grazing

Local Land Services promotes equitable access and allocation of Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs).

Stock Permits – Long Term Grazing provide livestock producers with long-term access for grazing to carefully assessed TSRs around NSW. Note: Stock Permits – Long Term Grazing were previously known as Management Agreement Permits.

Permits are allocated via a tender process and provide livestock producers with grazing access to a TSR for periods longer than 12 months.

In 2020, Local Land Services introduced standardised stock permits across the state so that there is a consistent, more transparent process for how we grant long-term access to TSRs.

Successful tenderers will be selected by Local Land Services in each region, based on selection criteria that will ensure appropriate ongoing land management and maintenance of the TSR.

All TSRs remain available by application to Local Land Services for short-term access permits such as walking stock, as well as for recreational purposes. Read more about these short-term permits.

Tender submissions closed on Friday, 9 June 2023. No further submission periods are expected until 2025.

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