Our support during drought

What can Local Land Services do for me in the drought?

Almost all of NSW is now affected from drought conditions and the NSW government is supporting Local Land Services ratepayers by removing the payment requirement for 2019 rates.

The NSW government’s commitment to drought-impacted regional areas means our staff can continue important work to protect NSW from biosecurity threats, help communities during emergencies and keep markets open for NSW produce while our ratepayers deal with the drought.

Your local drought support

Our staff are on the ground when it matters, helping you with knowledge, networks and experience.

Local Land Services is available to offer ongoing advice for farmers and landholders dealing with drought. We offer hands-on support where possible and endeavor to provide up to date localised information about managing and recovering from drought

  • our Livestock Officers provide technical advice on feeding and nutrition
  • our District Veterinarians manage and advise on livestock health and welfare
  • our TSR rangers manage permits for grazing on TSRs and roads.

We also assist in administering drought support packages and coordinate and conduct relevant drought workshops with guest speakers, including rural support workers and rural financial counsellors.

Contact your region

Contact your local office to find out what events and programs are available:

If you’re unsure which region you’re in, you can look it up below.

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