Private Native Forestry

Frequently asked questions

The Private Native Forestry (PNF) team are still on the ground working with landholders and processing PNF plans during this time.

Read the below frequently asked questions which answer some common enquiries customers may have about how to work with our team in the current environment.

Get in touch with your local PNF officer if you have any questions or concerns.

I am in urgent need of an approval to ensure my business can continuing operating. How can Local Land Services help?

Please contact your nearest PNF Officer as soon as possible. Our staff will request sufficient details of your circumstances to ensure you are treated with absolute privacy and fairness.

We will seek to ensure all customers are treated equally but will certainly prioritise our assessment and approvals process towards customers experiencing significant hardship.

Will my PNF plan still be assessed when offices are closed?

Yes, the PNF team continues to process applications as normal.

If you need to know how your application is progressing please contact your nearest PNF Officer from the list provided here.

My Proposed management area contains incorrectly mapped areas of rainforest and old growth, when will these be corrected?

Local Land Services is working with Environment Energy and Science (EES) to modify the current assessment process which involved the requirement for a site visit.

Due to the risk of spread of COVID-19, site visits will not be considered at this stage. In the interim, the assessment process will involve detailed aerial photo interpretation analysis by EES experts and a precautionary approach to minimise the risk of error whist also ensuring fairness to our customers.

I’m not sure if I want to undertake Private Native Forestry on my property but I have some trees that I would like to do something with, Who should I talk to?

Our PNF team are available over the phone and can provide some guidance around whether a PNF plan might suit you, a broad range resources are also available here.

If your proposal would result in the trees on your property not being managed as a fully functioning forest in the future, then Land Management Staff within Local Land Services might be best able to guide you towards more appropriate approvals pathway.

Contact your nearest Land Management officer on 1300 795 299.