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Clearing native vegetation

Under the Native Vegetation Act 2003, all clearing of remnant native vegetation or protected regrowth requires landholders to seek approval by obtaining a Property Vegetation Plan (PVP) from Local Land Services.

A PVP is a legally-binding agreement between a landholder and Local Land Services that outlines how native vegetation will be managed on a property. Clearing proposals are assessed using an objective, scientifically based, quantitative methodology which is used by Local Land Services to assess whether the proposed clearing will improve or maintain environmental outcomes. It takes into account the losses and gains made through the clearing of native vegetation and if necessary the provision of offsets.

Call 1300 795 299 to find out about obtaining a property vegetation plan for your property.

Native vegetation regulation

The Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 gives greater flexibility for landholders to manage their land as productive and efficient businesses, while still safeguarding our natural resources.

There are two main areas where landholders can clear native vegetation without approval.

Online tools to simplify native vegetation choices

Four online tools are available to help landholders determine whether their clearing activities require approval.

The Information Tools generate simple answers to a landolder's enquiry by sorting through land and property information and details of Native Vegetation Regulations in NSW.

The four tools are:

  • Does the Native Vegetation Act apply? This will help to determine if the land to be cleared is excluded from the operation of the Act.
  • What is the category of my vegetation? This will help to determine if the vegetation is classified as remnant vegetation, protected regrowth or non-protected regrowth.
  • What clearing can I do without approval? This will help to determine if the clearing is listed as permitted, excluded, or is a permitted activity, and can therefore be undertaken without approval.
  • What Routine Agricultural Management Activities (RAMAs) are available? This will help to determine what RAMAs are available in these circumstances on this land.

The tools work using spatial viewers, which enable landholders to identify parts of their land where they are considering vegetation management and to view only those rules that relate to that area.

Privacy is assured and no information fed into the tools is retained

The Information Tools are available at:


Routine agricultural management activities

Routine agricultural management activities (RAMAs) are activities considered routine and are a normal part of managing an agricultural enterprise.

Under the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013, all clearing carried out through a RAMA must be done to the minimum extent necessary and be within the scope of the RAMA.

Find out more about RAMAs from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Contact your Local Land Services officer on 1300 795 299 for advice and support.