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2017 Elections facts sheet

Ratepayers must enrol before being eligible to vote in the Local Land Services board elections.

Each Local Land Services region has a local board which consists of Ministerially-appointed and locally elected members.

In May 2017 enrolled ratepayers will vote to elect new board members.

One ratepayer from each holding is eligible to enrol to vote. People who have previously enrolled to vote in the Local Land Services elections do not have to enrol again.

Enrol to vote

Enrolment forms can be completed on this site or, alternatively, contact your local office.

Enrolling to vote will ensure you are sent ballot papers at election time.

There are some eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Only one person is eligible to be enrolled representing each holding within a region. For example, if Mr and Mrs Smith own a property only one of them can enrol to vote.
  • If you own a holding in a different region you are eligible to vote in that region, provided you are enrolled for that
  • In the case where the occupier of the holding is a corporation, a person can be nominated to represent the holding by the corporation.
  • The person must be 18 or more years old.
  • A person is not to be enrolled in respect of more than one holding within a region.

Copies of each region’s electoral roll are available for inspection by members of the public. Contact your local office for more information.

Ratepayers can enrol to vote, up until 31 March 2017.

Nominate to become a board member

Ratepayers in any Local Land Services region are eligible to nominate a candidate, including themselves, for election in that region. Anyone 18 years of age or older can be nominated for elections provided their normal place of residence is within the region.

Nominations for candidates will be called on 30 January and close 12 pm 10 April 2017.

Nomination forms and a candidate information package are available from your Local Land Services office or can be
downloaded at the Australian Election Company website or by phoning 1800 224 420.

In May, enrolled ratepayers will vote for three local board members or four in the Western region to join their local board.

Voting process

There will be two methods of voting in the 2017 local board elections. All enrolled ratepayers who have supplied an email address will be emailed instructions for online voting. However, there will be an option to receive postal ballot papers.

Ballot papers will be posted to all other enrolled voters along with instructions.

Who looks after the election?

An external contractor, Australian Election Company, has been engaged to run the 2017 election process. This will provide objectivity and support an improved, well-resourced process.

The cost of using an external contractor is comparable to Local Land Services conducting the election itself, but this
arrangement allows staff to focus on core business.

Australian Election Company is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to the election process including candidate information and can be contacted on 1800 224 420 or visit

Local Land Services has a team of customer service officers who can assist with all enrolment enquiries. Contact your nearest customer service officer by phoning 1300 795 299.

For more information visit the Australian Election Company website.

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